What Costs The Most When Building A House?


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When launching a home construction project the question of what costs the most when building a house often arises.

Managing a budget on such a large undertaking can appear daunting as myriad factors can influence the final sum.

From fundamental aspects like material and labor costs to details like fixtures and finishes numerous elements come into play.

Yet can you guess the often-overlooked factor that can significantly impact your total building costs?

What Costs The Most When Building A House

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Cost Breakdown

Building a new house is a significant investment. The average cost to build a new single-family home in 2022 was $284764 with extremes ranging from as low as $110765 up to a high of $459152.

It’s important to be aware of costs before diving into building a home.

When you build a home numerous construction costs come into play. Site work foundations framing exterior finishes major systems installations interior finishes and final steps all add to the overall expense.

Non-construction costs also need to be considered. These include the finished lot overhead and general expenses financing costs and sales commissions/profit summing up to about $250000 of the total cost.

Building Vs Buying

When weighing up whether to build or buy a house take into consideration factors beyond the financial implications including time and stress. One thing to note is that it is often cheaper to buy an existing home than to build a new one potentially offering savings of up to 5-10% per square foot.

Building a home can offer the advantage of getting exactly what you want in terms of layout and finishes but remember that this process takes time with an average of seven months to complete. If time is of the essence buying an existing house might be a better route.

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Furthermore periodic labor shortages or supply chain disruptions can also impact the cost and timeline of building a home.

Financing Options

Financing your home construction is a crucial part of building a home. Your financing options can significantly affect your project’s cost.

Some popular financing options include home construction loans home equity loans and home equity lines of credit.

For example a construction-only loan covers the cost of building your house but it needs to be paid off or refinanced upon completion. On the other hand a construction-to-permanent loan converts into a regular mortgage once the home is complete reducing the need for two separate closings.

Depending on your requirements and preferences you might also consider taking a personal loan.

Money-Saving Tips

Saving money when building a house can be a balancing act not to compromise on the quality. Here are some money-saving tips:

  • Getting multiple quotes from builders can help you save money and ensure you’re getting a fair price.
  • Considering doing some of the work yourself is another way to cut costs. However this is only advisable if you have the skills required.
  • Another important consideration is your choice of material. Using the right materials can help you cut costs significantly. Low-cost materials like vinyl drywall and certain types of insulation can reduce your building costs.
  • Choosing the size of your home wisely can also help you save money. Opting for a smaller well-designed space may help you lower costs.

Remember cutting costs should not lead to sacrificing the quality. It’s essential to work with professionals to ensure your home is safely built and up to your expectations.

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Average Building Costs

The average cost of building a single-family house in 2022 amounted to $284764. However depending on various factors such as size location and choice of material prices can range from as low as $110765 to as high as $459152.

Per square foot construction costs vary by region. It costs $155 in the Northeast $131 in the West $109 in the Midwest and $100 in the South.

Key cost areas when building a home include excavation foundation and slab roofing rough carpentry labor plumbing and sewer connections and electrical wiring. Labor often accounts for about 30-50% of a home’s total construction cost.

The cost to build a house in each state varies. For instance Alabama is the cheapest state for home construction with costs amounting to approximately $268000 while California ranks as the most expensive with an average building cost of $405000.

Factor in non-construction costs such as a finished lot overhead and general expenses financing costs and sales commission/profit which make up about $250000 of the total cost.

On average building a brand-new house takes about seven months. Gallantly cutting corners to save on building a house might result in poorer quality or future repairs costs.

Therefore vigilant planning a detailed blueprint and prudent budgeting are vital to control costs and maintain quality when building a house.

Please note it is generally cheaper to buy an existing home than to build a new one. However buying vs. building a home is a personal choice often influenced by factors beyond costs like personal preference and lifestyle considerations.

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