What Does It Cost To Build A Monster Truck?


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Ever wondered what does it cost to build a monster truck?

These gigantic machines ubiquitous at motor shows and remarkable for their powerful performance and intimidating looks certainly don’t come cheap.

But what goes into their construction and price?

Is it purely about installing jumbo-sized tires jacking-up suspensions and fitting in a powerhouse engine?

Or does the cost involve something more?

It’s a titanic question that leaves many scratching their heads.

What Does It Cost To Build A Monster Truck

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Cost Breakdown

The total cost of owing a decent monster truck can range between $250000 to $300000 per year. This includes its building maintaining and fueling costs.

For complete builds the cost could go up to $600000 for newer trucks.

Engines are expectedly the most expensive part ranging from $20000 to $50000. Custom-built bodies come next with a price range of $15000 to $50000.

Tires cost anywhere from $2000 to $6000 apiece.

Other parts like the shock absorbers ($1000 – $1600) Roll cages ($5000 – $10000) and suspensions ($2500) contribute significantly to the cost. Safety devices harnesses and seatbelts could add another $10000 to your budget.

Then there are necessary expenses that come with operation and upkeep. This includes everything from moving the truck for events to the annual maintenance and fuel costs which could run around $250000 annually.

Body Costs

The body of a monster truck usually constructed from fiberglass to make it lighter but sufficiently robust can cost between $15000 and $50000.

The cost varies depending on the level of customization required and the materials used. A flashy paint job can push the price up by another $5000.

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However repairs are inevitable in such a rough course sport potentially costing between $3000 to $8000.

An interesting fact is that the body is a swappable component to enable the same monster truck to assume different body shapes and colors for different competitions or events.

Despite monster truck prices being a significant financial commitment monster truck events have drawn interest from numerous stadiums and sponsors easing the burden for teams and owners.

Engine Expenses

Let’s start with one of the major and essential parts of monster trucks the engine. A monster truck engine can come with a hefty price ranging between $20000 and $50000.

These engines are usually 6.6-liter Duramax diesel types similar to a powerful pickup engine.

It’s important to note that the engine has to be exceptionally durable and adaptable. The 6.6-liter Duramax diesel engine suits the monster truck’s needs as it can withstand heavy loads and provide high torque and power.

If you’re interested in building an extreme investment like a monster truck note that the engine might initially cost $100000 or more. It’s also important to plan to invest in many regular rebuilds for the two-speed Powerglide race transmission as the punishment it can take from jumping and other extreme maneuvers can be quite substantial.

Tire Expenses

The enormous show-stopping tires of a monster truck are its most defining feature. Measuring around 10-foot-tall a full set of these tires will cost between $8000 and $24000 as each one can cost between $2000 and $6000.

Monster truck tires need to be solid and able to withstand rough terrain. In most cases the use of custom tractor rims combined with sizeable resistance-capable rice field tractor tires is seen as the best approach.

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Like every other aspect of owning a monster truck maintaining and replacing the tires is also a costly expense. So if you’re on your way to building or owning a monster truck remember to allocate a significant part of your budget to tire expenses.

Additional Expenses

Building a monster truck whether it’s a beefed-up SUV or designed from scratch isn’t just about the cost of components. It also involves several additional expenses.

Seat belts harnesses and various safety devices vital components for any monster truck can add up to $10000 or more.

The fun doesn’t stop at the creation stage. Moving maintaining and fueling such a monstrous vehicle can cost up to $250000 yearly.

Damage repairs are a recurring theme in this high-impact industry with body repairs sometimes costing between $3000 and $8000.

If a splash of color and uniqueness is vital to you prepare to spend around $5000 for a custom paint job.

The monster truck market doesn’t round up evenly with older trucks sometimes selling for at least $300000 and newer bigger badder ones going all the way up to $600000.

Ultimately without significant backing or sponsorship from a major organization owning a monster truck might prove too pricey for the average motorsport fan.

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