Knowing what questions to ask when building a new home is vital to getting a great house. There are many types of questions which you should ask over the course of your home building and design process. When the process starts you should have many questions in your mind, about the process, and as you learn more, more questions should arise. When questions arise, who should you ask?

What Questions to Ask When Building a New Home: Asking Yourself Questions, and Asking the Family

The first question is, what do you want your home to be like, and only you and your family can answer those kinds of questions. Each person who will live in the home should be involved in the home design process in some way. Ask your spouse, children and anyone else who will be living in your home, to list at least three things they expect from the new house. Collect pictures, floor plans, and other data about homes you like and encourage family members to do the same.

What Questions to Ask When Building a New Home: Questions to ask each family member and yourself:
1. Show me three to ten pictures of homes you like, interiors or exteriors.
2. What sort of furniture will you be placing in your bedroom and how much space do you need.
3. Are there any special features you want in your room? (a lot of windows, or adjacent bath)
4. Is there anything special you want in the kitchen, bath, laundry room or living area?
5. What school district do you want in? (Important in choosing a lot)
6. Country, City, Suburb, or remote area?
7. What sized lot do you think we need?
8. How important is Green Construction to each of you?
9. Do you have any ideas for the new house that I have not mentioned?
10. How do you really feel about building a new custom home?

What Questions to Ask When Building a New Home: Asking Research Questions
Start researching on line, in your community and among the home building community in your area to find the answers to the following questions.
1. What about green construction?
2. How can I increase energy efficiency?
3. What building materials are available?
4. What is the industry standard of building materials, and should my home differ?
5. What is the climate in my area and how might that impact home design, and recommended materials?
6. How much should it cost to build my house?
7. How do local building inspectors feel about green construction and non standard materials?
8. What about construction techniques like timber framing, traditional framing, concrete insulated panel construction, log home construction, and other non traditional methods?
9. Which builders construct the type of house I want?
10. Which of those builders is reliable, and who is most reputable?

What Questions to Ask When Building a New Home: Asking Your Home Builder or Contractor Questions
It is likely that your home builder will want to know what kind of shiny stuff you want. Shiny stuff is home builder talk for cosmetic decisions about the interior and exterior of your home. He’ll want to talk about floor coverings and brick colors, and while those questions must be answered, it’s a good idea to discuss with him instead the more crucial elements of construction and design. Ask him the following questions.

1. What type of sheathing will be used on the home?
2. What weight of plywood will be used on the roof, and exterior walls under the exterior siding?
3. What grade of ply wood will be used? (real ply wood, composite, or gypsum board?
4. What type of insulation will be used in the walls? In the ceiling? Under the floors?
5. What sort of lumber will be used for the studs? Or which brand of concrete panels will you use?
6. Where will you get the materials?
7. Does the price you quoted me include a foundation, or are you talking about building on a concrete slab? (You want a foundation even if it costs more!)
8. How long with the project take to complete?
9. Who are your subcontractors?
10. What are the names of some of your past customers?

As you research you will come up with many other questions to ask as well. Being informed on construction techniques and building materials will insure that you get a great house, with everything you are looking for. Knowing who to ask and what questions to ask in building a new home are the key to getting the home you want.

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