What States Have Red Plates?


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If you’ve ever wondered “what states have red plates”?

Then you’re not alone.

Many individuals are intrigued by the different license plate colors used across the United States.

It may seem like a minor detail but the color of a license plate can actually reveal a lot about a vehicle.

Interestingly not all states use the same colors for their license plates.

But why would a state choose to have red license plates?

What States Have Red Plates

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Red Plates In Alabama

Alabama often referred to as the “Yellowhammer State” boasts a distinctive license plate. The primary design features the patriotic phrase “God Bless America”.

Regarding red plates it is essential to note that Alabama like many other states employs a color-coding system for its license plates to denote different types of vehicles and their functions. However standard-issue plates generally do not feature prominent red coloration.

Alabama’s standard-issue license plates have evolved over the years reflecting various aspects of the state’s identity from famous landmarks to historical figures. The design style and color vary based on the specific period.

Red Plates In Alaska

Stepping up to Alaska also called the “Last Frontier” the state license plate characteristically includes an image of the state flag. It’s a potent symbol emphasizing its northern location and innate strength.

As with Alabama Alaska does not typically use red license plates for standard-issue plates. However red lettering or numbers may be featured on special-issue or personalized plates.

Regular plates predominantly display the unique Alaskan landscape with the notable Big Dipper constellation and Polaris the North Star.

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The license plates of Alaska have consistently maintained a specific element of aesthetic and cultural representation creating an identity that resonates with the state’s essence and the spirit of its denizens.

Red Plates In Arizona

Arizona known as the Grand Canyon State has its very own distinct set of red plates. These plates showcasing the state’s desert landscape were designed to highlight the state’s uniqueness.

This plate however serves more than just an aesthetic purpose. It also helps in supporting a cause.

The red plates are reserved for fleet vehicles to help calculate the land area and population which stands at 6931071 as per recent data.

  • Arizona’s red plate reflects its esteemed desert landscape
  • Offers support in calculating statistics of land area and population









State Land Area Population
Arizona 113990 sq mi 6931071

Arizona’s Cherished Landscape

Apart from state recognition these plates also provide a pragmatic function. Any evacuation or emergency situations can be quickly addressed courtesy of these vibrant easily distinguishable red plates.

Red Plates In Arkansas

The Natural State Arkansas is another state that utilizes red plates. These plates are often admired for their stark design featuring the state’s diamond graphic as a nod to the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

This unique state symbol reminds residents and visitors of the state’s diamond mines a major attraction in Arkansas. The red color grabs attention and furthers the state’s unique standing amongst the 50 states.

  • Arkansas’ red plates highlight the state’s diamond heritage
  • These plates further amplify Arkansas’ distinctive presence









State Land Area Population
Arkansas 52035 sq mi 2988248

Arkansas’ Vibrant Heritage

The vibrant red plates in Arkansas depict the essence of the state gorgeously making them a source of great pride for its residents. The plate serves as a visual reminder of Arkansas’ historical connection to diamond mining.

Red Plates In California

The origins of California’s iconic red license plates date back to its sesquicentennial celebration in 1998. The Golden State introduced the red number plates on vehicles as a tribute to its 150th anniversary.

Unlike most states that alter their plate designs every few years California’s plate design has remained unchanged since then.

The design features red letters and numbers on a white background a simple yet instantly recognizable style. The phrase “Sesquicentennial – 150 Years” is emblazoned on the bottom of the plate a nod to the state’s historic milestone.

This plate is a must-have for Californian car enthusiasts and plate collectors serving as a piece of the state’s vibrant history.

However the red-on-white pattern is more than just aesthetics. It is not just a nod to the state’s history but it also serves a practical purpose.

Law enforcement agencies can quickly identify a plate’s state of origin thanks to its distinct colors. This helps in tracking stolen vehicles and handling traffic violations more efficiently.

The state is not alone in implementing the red-letter design. The neighboring Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Alberta also feature red-on-white plates.

Whether you’re cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway or navigating the gridlocked streets of Los Angeles these red plates are a familiar sight across the Golden State. They represent a tangible part of California’s rich heritage and a symbol of the state’s progression since joining the Union as the 31st state in 1850.

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