What To Build In Ark?


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Having trouble figuring out what to build in Ark?

You’re not alone.

This comprehensive survival game challenges players with its intricate building system.

But don’t worry our guide is here to help you navigate this complexity.

Isn’t it intriguing to think about the architectural wonders waiting for you?

What To Build In Ark

Table of Contents

Wooden Cottage

A wooden cottage in Ark: Survival Evolved is a simple yet beautifully designed structure that allows players to live a rustic lifestyle. To construct a wooden cottage start by placing wooden foundations and follow up with wooden walls.

  • Use a wooden door for entrance
  • Add wooden window frames for sunlight
  • Wooden ramps for easy access
  • Include a wooden fence for protection

This cozy hideaway amidst woods brings out character in the Survival game and provides a safe haven for the dinos and pets. Remember to include functional storage boxes for practical use as well as essential crafting items.

Large House And Dock

Building a large house and dock in ARK: Survival Evolved is a classically modern way to show the dinos who’s boss. These do not require mods and can be achieved using different types of materials but building with Stone Pillars Stone Railings Stone Stairs adds to the aesthetic value.

  • Large stone walls for protection
  • Incorporate stone window frames for views
  • A functional dock for speedboats
  • A spacious interior design with storage boxes

This masterfully designed house not only provides protection but also a picturesque waterside view. The dock acts as a harbor for your boats mastering the basic building tips can lead you to construct the perfect base in a perfect location.

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Swamp House

Building a swamp house in ARK: Survival Evolved is an interesting challenge with the swamp environment providing unique hazards and resources.

The first step is finding a location that’s solid relatively level and not frequented by aggressive dinosaurs. It’s important to have good visibility to keep an eye out for approaching danger.

Items Needed Quantity
Wooden Foundation 15-20
Wooden Wall 30-50
Wooden Doorframe and door 2
Wooden Ceiling 15-20

Begin by laying the wooden foundation. Make sure it’s well-aligned and not protruding from the ground or water surface.

Build walls around the perimeter of the foundation leaving room for a door. After the wooden walls are up place wooden ceilings for the roof.

A swamp house in ARK: Survival Evolved offers an intriguing feature where you can create storage boxes that blend into the environment providing hideaway spots for your valuable possessions.

Crystal Wyvern Trap

A cheap Crystal Wyvern trap can make taming these beasts a lot easier in ARK: Survival Evolved. Here is a simple yet effective design that doesn’t break the bank.

Items Needed Quantity
Wooden Fence 50
Stone Pillars 8
Stone Railings 20

Start by choosing a flat location and place a 5×5 perimeter of wooden fences. Add stone pillars in each corner and use stone railings to interlace the top and bottom.

This trap’s design focuses on keeping the Wyvern from escaping while letting you fire tranquilizing arrows or bullets through the gaps without getting harmed. Just be sure to approach with caution and secure your Ark Survival with clever tactics and designs.

Tiny Stone Cabin

If you are a player looking for a compact secure and efficient base to start your adventure in ARK: Survival Evolved a tiny stone cabin is a perfect choice. Quick to build and low-cost the tiny stone cabin benefits from the use of stone’s high-damage resistance properties.

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Start building your ark tiny stone cabin using stone stairs stone pillars and stone railings. Include wooden doors for an aesthetic finish.

Consider adding wooden ramp for easy access if the cabin is elevated.

The interior can be organized to hold a bed storage boxes filled with your survival supplies and a craft area. This way this small refugee provides players with a comfortable and secure start in the ark survival game.

With the options this game presents creating a home in ARK: Survival Evolved can become more than just a practical structure – it’s an opportunity to become a part of the gaming world.

Modesty and practicality go hand in hand when building a tiny stone cabin in Ark: Survival Evolved. As you start your journey remember that simplicity is the best strategy before you advance to build more complex modern houses in the game.

While this base may not have the razzle-dazzle of a larger building design it offers the most basic requirements for survival and protection making the tiny stone cabin a timeless ark house design.

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