Who Lives In The Tower Of London


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Peering into the rich tumultuous past of Britain one may wonder who lives in the Tower of London today?

Renowned for its bloody history featuring high-profile prisoners such as Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard the fortress has seen more than just royal intrigue.

For centuries it served as an arsenal a treasury a menagerie and a ceremonial chamber for the grand royal palace.

Although no longer harboring infamous prisoners this UNESCO World Heritage site continues to be inhabited.

Are the residents living amongst ghostly apparitions or vivid reminders of the past?

Who Lives In The Tower Of London

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Living In The Queen’s House

The Tower of London known as a symbol of Norman military might has transformed into a home for comedian and TikTok sensation Tom Houghton and his family. Built by Henry VIII in the 16th century their residence The Queen’s House stands as a touchstone of English kings and British queens’ rich history.

Tom’s father General Sir Nicholas Houghton assumed the role of the Tower’s constable in 2016. Defaultly a constable’s residence in The Queen’s House spans over five years yet the COVID-19 pandemic has extended the Houghton family’s stay to approximately six years.

Their residency in this centuries-old fortress offers them a unique perspective of the coveted Crown Jewels of England. Just a stone’s throw away from their luxurious apartments the jewel collection of ceremonial objects becomes an unforgettable part of their daily scenery.

The Queen’s House also combines a blend of private property and historic sites. The entrance foyer adorned with historic artifacts and artwork effortlessly unites their daily lives with England’s illustrious past.

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The Tower’s Main Courtyard

Tom’s journey to the front door of his residence leads him through the Tower’s main courtyard. The walk while short lets him traverse through some of the must-see highlights of the Tower’s attraction points including the iconic White Tower.

The White Tower the oldest part of the Tower of London dating back to the 1070s shelters the Crown Jewels and guards the Castle against any threat thus amplifying its status as an iconic landmark.

Yoman Warders affectionately nicknamed “beefeaters” are the guardians of the Tower and the Crown Jewels. Apart from their ceremonial duties they also serve as expert guides for the tourist aggregation visiting this world-renowned castle and UNESCO World Heritage site.

An everyday encounter with such historic entities is not just restricted to the Tower’s guard. The Queen’s Guard also ensures the security and protection of the Queen’s House’s front door integrating an additional layer of historic interaction within Houghton’s daily life.

The Tower’S Guards

Living in the Tower of London as a resident comedian and TikTok sensation Tom Houghton experiences a surreal journey each day. As he enters through the West Gate he is cordially greeted by the Tower’s guards.

The Tower’s guards are known as Yeoman Warders and they also have the popular nickname Beefeaters. Ensuring security and acting as expert guides they serve this centuries-old fortress with commitment and honour.

To become a Yeoman warden one needs a long service record of 22 years or more in the British military.

  • Yeoman Warders also perform ceremonial duties such as the Ceremony of the Keys.
  • The Ceremony of the Keys is a traditional locking up ritual that has been in operation since the 14th century.
  • Every evening the gates of the Tower are locked at precisely 9:53 pm.
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Protection of the Crown Jewels

These dedicated Yeoman Warders are also entrusted with safeguarding the Crown Jewels of England housed in the Jewel House. This priceless collection comprises ceremonial objects worn by former British queens and English kings.

A Queen’S Guard On Duty

The Queen’s House positioned near the iconic White Tower is home to the Houghton family. Notably the entrance to this grand palace is under the watchful eye of a Queen’s Guard.

Amidst the bustling tourist attraction and historic relics the presence of a formidable Queen’s Guard on duty is a reminder of the Tower of London’s majestic and formidable past. Guarding the front door of the Queen’s House they symbolize the fortress’s ancient duty of protecting royal power.

Service and Duty

These Queen’s Guards uphold a longstanding tradition of service and duty. Unfailingly they toe the line of tradition while adding to the vibrant history of the Tower of London.

Historic Artwork And Ceremonial Chamber

The Queen’s House where Comedian Tom Houghton resides features a grand entry area filled with historic artwork and ceremonial objects. Travelling through this space is a journey through time presenting tangible remnants of the past.

From paintings of English kings like Henry VIII to crown jewels worn by British queens such as Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard the entrance area is a living museum.

Among the many artifacts the ceremonial chamber stands out. An essential part of the 16th-century residence it has witnessed numerous ceremonies contributing to the palace’s rich history.

Exploring The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a notable antique part of the Tower of London easily accessible from Tom Houghton’s bedroom. Serving as a former prison it resonates with the tower’s bloody history.

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This towering structure provides an ideal spot for reflection and exploration for resident guests. Discover the grim stories of the high-profile prisoners previously incarcerated in the Bell Tower.

Intricately entwined with the history of English kings and House of Lancaster and House of York the Bell Tower boosts the uniqueness of Tom Houghton’s living experience.

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