Boundary Wall Construction Cost


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When planning to erect a fence around your property considering the boundary wall construction cost is crucial.

It is an integral part of your project estimate and could influence other construction decisions.

But how exactly is this cost determined?What factors come into play?

Surprisingly there’s more to it than just materials and labour costs.

Could there be hidden costs that you’re unaware of?

Boundary Wall Construction Cost

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Boundary Wall Construction Cost

The cost of constructing a boundary wall can vary significantly depending on factors such as the materials used the area of work and the length height and thickness of the wall. The average cost for a brick wall is Rs.

210 per square foot while precast compound walls cost less starting at Rs. 90 per square foot or approximately Rs.

600 per Rft excluding the MS gate. Precast compound walls offer a cost-effective solution as the cost is approximately 40-50% less than brick wall construction.

The cost per square foot for precast compound walls is Rs. 70-110 depending on raw material cost difference and concrete grade change.

Compound wall construction provides an aesthetic appearance alongside privacy and security for a property. Tools like a boundary wall cost calculator India may help figure out the exact cost as per specific requirements.

It is worth noting that a 1 Acre Boundary wall cost may differ from an individual house construction due to the bigger area and more materials used.

Types Of Compound Walls

There are several types of compound walls designed to fit various needs and budgets. Each type combines unique materials and construction methods.

  • Masonry compound walls: These are constructed using red clay bricks steel and cement mortar. The average cost is around Rs. 1200 per Rft for a 5 feet height structure.
  • Ornamental compound walls: They combine masonry walls with MS/SS grills and cost more than simple masonry walls. The average cost is around Rs. 1500 per Rft.
  • Cladding compound walls: Here cladding materials are fixed over a masonry wall for aesthetic appeal. The cost depends on the type of cladding material chosen.
  • Precast compound walls: These require proper foundations for strength and stability. They start from Rs. 90 per sqft or approximately Rs. 600 per Rft excluding the MS gate.
  • Security compound walls: Built with a masonry wall of over 7 ft height often with a barbed wire fence or electrified fencing in high-security areas.
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Precast compound walls manufactured under professional supervision in a controlled environment are a trending choice due to their superior strength and curing process.

Precast Compound Wall Cost

The cost of a precast compound wall starts from Rs. 90 per sqft (approximately Rs.

600 per Rft) excluding the MS gate. This makes it a cost-effective solution compared to other types of walls such as brick walls costing Rs.

210 per square foot.

Precast compound walls are manufactured in a plant under controlled conditions resulting in superior strength and better curing process. Hence the investing in a precast compound wall not only saves on the boundary wall construction cost but also enhances the aesthetic appearance and security of your property.

To calculate the precast compound wall cost multiply the total area of work in sqft with the rate of construction per sqft. For instance a wall with an area of 1000 sqft would cost around Rs.


Precast Compound Wall Life

The longevity of a precast compound wall largely depends on elements like thickness of the wall work quality and regular home maintenance. Manufactured in a factory environment these walls receive professional supervision and proper curing to ensure their long life span.

Considering the construction process use of quality raw materials and optimal curing conditions a precast compound wall has a long lifespan making it a viable investment.

Another factor that adds to the life of precast compound walls is their resilience to weather conditions. They are able to withstand extreme climatic conditions giving them an edge over traditional brick walls.

Everest Precast for instance is a notable company in the precast field that combines experience and expertise to deliver superior precast walls with a good lifespan.

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Precast Compound Wall Specification

When considering boundary wall construction cost specifications play a crucial role. Precast compound walls are known for their strength durability and cost-effectiveness.

On average precast compound walls are reinforced with 4 bars of HT Steel. The panels are then manufactured in a plant under a controlled environment.

This ensures professional supervision and a proper curing process resulting in superior strength. A precast compound wall cost idea will show cost savings of approximately 40-50% compared to traditional brick wall construction.

Construction time for precast walls is also significantly shorter with 1 day for a 150 feet wall compared to upto 10 days for brick walls. The requirement for thickness and work quality affects the life span of these walls.

Specification-wise precast compound walls typically come with 150x150mm thick columns reinforced with 7 HT Bars. The panels are 2100x300x50mm in size with either 3 or 4 HT Bars for reinforcement.

The height of these walls often ranges between 6-7 feet above ground. However the exact height can vary based on the specific requirements.

An important aspect of precast compound walls is that they serve various purposes including use in paver blocks precast partitions and manhole covers.

Finally precast compound walls are often selected for boundary wall construction in solar power plants due to their long life span and durability. All these factors are included when calculating the 1 acre boundary wall cost using a boundary wall cost calculator in India.

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