Cheapest Blue States To Live In


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Looking for an affordable place to call home in the United States?

We’ve created a list of cheapest blue states to live in to help you save money while enjoying the benefits of living in blue-leaning states.

Our list takes into account factors such as cost of living, median home prices and average income.

This will give you some great options for budget-friendly living.

Cheapest Blue States To Live In

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List of The Cheapest Blue States With Low Cost of Living

While California and New York are known blue states they can also be quite expensive.

Consider more affordable blue states such as Illinois, New Mexico, Minneapolis and even rural parts of Virginia, NY, CT, VT, MA and ME.

Blue states typically provide better healthcare access longer life expectancies and stronger legal protections for marginalized communities including LGBTQ+ individuals.

1. Illinois (Most Affordable State)


Illinois is one of the cheapest blue states to live in. For this reason, Illinois might be the best blue state to live in (it’s really subjective).

Housing costs in cities like Chicago are reasonable while the cost of living index is on par with national averages.

The state offers a good balance of affordability progressive politics and decent healthcare access.

According to CNBC, Illinois provides housing options that are very affordable when looking at wages.

Best City to Visit: Chicago

Why We Think It’s Cheap: Living in this state while making below the national average income can still provide a comfortable lifestyle.


2. Pennsylvania (A Purple State)


Although Pennsylvania is considered a purple state it has blue-leaning areas around Pittsburgh and Philadelphia offering affordable living options for those seeking progressive environments without the high price tag of traditional blue states.

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Why We Think It’s Cheap: The Harrisburg region is the quickest expanding area in the state. You can find a nice two-bedroom home or apartment in a good neighborhood for a monthly rent of approximately $800 to $1100.

Best City to Visit: Philadelphia


3. Virginia (Rural Parts Are Cheap)


Rural areas in blue states can be more affordable than their urban counterparts and Virginia is a prime example.

With cities such as Charlottesville, Blacksburg, Richmond, Harrisonburg and Roanoke Virginia offers a mix of lifestyle options and low housing costs for those looking for a cheaper blue state to live in.

Best City to Visit: Richmond


4. Minnesota and Michigan


Minneapolis Minnesota and the state of Michigan offer affordable options for blue state living.

Both areas have relatively low housing costs and a good balance between urban and suburban life making them attractive options for those looking to live in a blue state without breaking the bank.

Best City to Visit: Minneapolis


What Are Blue States?

In the context of United States politics, “blue states” typically refer to states that tend to vote for the Democratic Party in elections.

The term “blue” comes from the tradition of using colors to represent the two major political parties in the U.S.

The Democratic Party is often associated with the color blue, while the Republican Party is associated with the color red.

Cheapest States Overall

  • Mississippi
  • Kansas
  • Alabama
  • Oklahoma
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Missouri
  • Iowa
  • West Virginia
  • Indiana

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Least Expensive State

  • Proximity to major cities – Living close to cities like Chicago Philadelphia and Pittsburgh can offer increased job opportunities and a vibrant culture.
  • Political makeup of the area – Some blue states have pockets of conservative areas which might impact the overall lifestyle and identity of the community.
  • Cost of essentials – Factors such as housing costs household income and the overall Cost of Living Index are important considerations when choosing a blue state to live in.
  • Healthcare – Blue states tend to have better Medicare access public health regulations and overall healthcare outcomes compared to red states.
  • Legal protections – States with stronger protections for marginalized communities like queer people may be more appealing to some individuals.
  • Climate – States like Minnesota and Michigan have cold winter climates which may be a deciding factor for some people.
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Healthcare Access

Blue states generally provide better healthcare access compared to red states. This results in longer life expectancies and better health outcomes for residents.

States such as California, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine offer comprehensive public health regulations and policies to improve healthcare access.

For instance, Illinois and New Mexico are considered affordable blue states that provide reasonable healthcare access.

Additionally, blue-leaning areas around Pennsylvania like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are known for their healthcare infrastructure.

Rural areas in blue states also provide opportunities for affordable living options while maintaining access to quality healthcare.

Examples of affordable rural locations include Virginia Vermont and upstate New York.

Legal Protections

Blue states are known for providing stronger legal protections to marginalized communities such as the LGBTQ+ community.

Queer people often feel more secure in blue states due to the added identity protections provided by the government.

When considering moving to a blue state it’s important to factor in one’s lifestyle political makeup of the area and proximity to major cities.

Living in an affordable blue state like Michigan Minnesota or Illinois may provide a balance between the benefits of legal protections and lower cost of living.

California New York and Massachusetts are known for their strong legal protections but their high costs of living may not fit everyone’s budget.

In contrast more affordable states such as Iowa West Virginia and Indiana offer varying levels of legal protections to their residents.

Other Affordable and Inexpensive States

In addition to Illinois other affordable blue states include New Mexico, Minneapolis, Michigan and rural parts of Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and even New York.

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Each state has its unique lifestyle weather and cultural aspects to consider.

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