What States Use Blue Street Signs?


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Have you ever wondered what states use blue street signs?

Observing the different colors of street signs across the U.S can be an interesting travel activity.

However many people don’t realize the significance behind these color variations.

Most states adhere to the standard green or white but some states chose a different path.

Why might they have done this?

What States Use Blue Street Signs

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Blue Street Sign Regulations

The color of street signs varies from one place to another and is determined by local decree. While green signs with white letters are typically observed as the standard some towns opt for blue street signs.

One significant reason for this choice is that green signs can often blend in with trees making them difficult to see.

The shift between different colored backgrounds on street signs is a method by local authorities to indicate a change in jurisdiction or maintenance responsibility. Federal stipulations overseen by the Federal Highway Administration determine the regulations for roadway signs.

However it does not extend over street name signs providing towns the liberty to choose their color preference.

Interestingly New York City Boroughs including Manhattan Bronx Brooklyn Queens and Staten Island once boasted a wide array of different colored street signs such as blue white black and yellow. These have since been replaced with the more traditional green signs.

Blue Signs For Highway Information

Blue street signs are frequently used on highways to convey necessary information. Exit signs for example are given in blue such as Exit 32.

These signs can be typically identified by their contrasting color blue background and silver letters. In some instances the information signs may also extend to show locations of amenities like rest stops and tolls.

The color differentiation is not cut and dry however. Green signs are commonly seen on county maintained roads while blue signs are often used for private drives.

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It comes as a trivia tidbit to learn that in Gordon County Georgia blue signs are never hoisted on county maintained roads. Citizens can even be found purchasing green signs to post at the end of their roads.

An excellent directional solution blue signs are also known to mark newer developments in places like Main Street and First Street. Riverside Park Estates and River Woods have privately managed streets with blue colored street signs which also sport an arrow and the word “private” promoting easy identification for maintenance personnel and government departments alike.

Different Colored Backgrounds On Street Signs

Street signs can have different colored backgrounds and these colors often serve specific purposes. Generally you’ll notice green signs with white lettering.

However some towns opt for a more distinct color- blue.

One reason for choosing blue street signs over the more common green is because green has a tendency to blend in with trees and can therefore be less visible. Blue offers a contrasting color that stands out better amongst greenery.

Beyond the aesthetics and visibility factors the color of a street sign can also signify various administrative aspects. For instance a change in the color of the street sign may designate a change in jurisdiction or maintenance responsibility.

Street Name Signs Not Regulated By Fha

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) regulates numerous aspects of roadway signs via their Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Surprisingly street name signs are not one of them.

This leaves city planners and counties with more freedom in designing their territorial display. An interesting trivia tidbit is that historically different boroughs such as the Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens and Staten Island in New York City used to have diverse colored signs.

While traditionally green is used for county maintained roads blue signs often mark private drives or cities with privately maintained roads. However this is not cut and dry.

For example Gordon County in Georgia never uses blue signs on county maintained roads.

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Nyc Boroughs’ Colored Street Signs

Historically different boroughs in New York City including Manhattan Brooklyn Queens Bronx and Staten Island had various colored street signs. These included colors like yellow blue white and black.

However a change was made and these street signs are now universally green. According to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices street name signs are not strictly regulated hence the diversity in color.

Green Signs For County Maintained Roads

In many instances you’ll notice that green signs are common for county maintained roads. These signs stand out due to their contrasting green color with white lettering.

For example Gordon County Georgia specifies that green signs are the norm for their maintained roads never blue ones. Blue street signs in some areas are used to denote private drives.

Citizens Option for Signage

  • Citizens in Gordon County have the option to purchase a green sign to post at the end of their private drives.
  • They can contact the Gordon County Public Works Department for more information and to understand who maintains a specific road.
  • The Director of the Public Works Department is Steve Parris.

Blue Signs in Newer Developments

In newer developments along Main Street and First Street you’ll occasionally spot blue colored street signs. These are often used to mark privately maintained roads an approach used by many cities.

The word “private” and an arrow may also be printed on these signs.

Blue Signs For Private Drives

Recent year developments can explain the presence of a blue street sign on Main Street on First Street and in certain areas such as Riverside Park Estates and River Woods. These areas have privately maintained streets identified by blue colored street signs an instance where cities decide to adopt this color for private drives.

These blue signs are very distinctive printed with a contrasting white arrow and the word ‘private’. This feature helps in demarcating between city or county maintained roads and those that are privately owned and maintained.

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The isolation of maintenance responsibility is the key in such cases.

It is important to know that the City is not responsible for upkeep activities on these privately maintained streets and driveways. Instead this is the sole responsibility of the citizens who own these roads.

To assist with this they are given the option to purchase green signage to position at the end of their privately owned roads.

If you have questions regarding road maintenance obligations you may find it beneficial to reach the Public Works Department in Gordon County Georgia. They can also provide a quick reference about the County Road Index to help answer more questions about public or private roadways.

The department office opens from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.

This type of signage control is not cut and dry across all counties though. The color shape and contrasting color of words such as ‘private’ or ‘exit 32’ can vary based on several factors such as the municipality’s preference.

A trivia tidbit here – it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to find maroon signs in newer developments or townships.

As road users or curious citizens having a general awareness of varying sign colors and what they represent can help you while on the road or maybe just add to your pool of general knowledge. Remember while both are important green signs and blue street signs have different roles in roadways rest stops and exits – each one with its own story and regulations.

Community awareness of such trivia enhances public understanding of the efforts put by county and city planners public works departments and maintenance personnel towards ensuring public safety and order on the streets and highways.

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