Chira Stone House Construction Cost


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Looking to understand the chira stone house construction cost?

You’re in the right place.

Building a house with chira stone is a dream for many homeowners.It blends classic charm and timeless durability resulting in a home that doesn’t just look great but can stand the test of time.

But what about the price?Is it really affordable?What factors influence the total construction cost?

There’s more to this topic than meets the eye.So let’s explore.

Chira Stone House Construction Cost

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Chira Stone House Construction Cost Calculator

Calculating the construction cost of a Chira stone house involves taking into account various factors. A construction cost calculator specifically designed for this purpose is an immensely handy tool.

This digital assistant helps you carry out all necessary calculations ensuring you budget accordingly.

After entering key variables such as the plot width and length number of floors and total construction area your estimated costs will be ready. The calculator considers material costs including staples like steel cement bricks stone sand water excavation and labour for concrete.

To provide a comprehensive cost estimate other components are also tabulated such as design fees door and window expenses plumbing and sanitation electrical work flooring painting boundary wall and main gate among others. The result?

A detailed summary of your total construction cost and individual material costs for each category.

Factors Affecting Chira Stone House Construction Cost

Several factors influence the cost of constructing a Chira stone house. Let’s delve deeper into these determinants:

  • Construction Quality: The level of construction quality be it normal good or excellent can considerably sway the costing.
  • Plot Dimensions: The size of your plot specifically its width and length affects how much material – and thus money – you’ll need.
  • Number of Floors: The height of your house dictates the quantity of material from steel to cement flooring raising cost variability.
  • Total Construction Area: The area to be constructed also impacts material calculation. A 700 sq ft house for instance would differ greatly from a 4 bedroom hall kitchen layout.
  • Additional Expenses: Costs extend beyond the bare bones of construction. Additional expenses such as door & windows flooring painting Boundary wall & main gate and more should be anticipated.
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With all these factors accounted for estimating your Chira stone house construction cost becomes a more manageable task offering insight into what your dream home may cost.

Materials For Chira Stone House Construction

Chira stone is an essential material for a Chira Stone House Construction. These are available in a significant quantity in Ratnagiri and can cost between Rs 22 to Rs 25 per piece.

The dimensions of each Chira are around 1 ft x 0.5 ft x 0.5 ft.

Other materials used in construction are Steel Cement Bricks Sand and Water. Costs to consider include Excavation for the foundation and Labour for concrete work.

Mandatory Materials

  • 700sqft Chira Stone House: For a house of this size around 2000 Chira would be necessary. On top of the stones you would need around 40 bags of cement and 6 brass of sand.
  • Flooring: Cement flooring is a preferred choice. This can be overlaid with tiles if budget permits.
  • Roofing: Depending on style and budget options like tile roofing or Iron sheet can be used.

Additional Costs For Chira Stone House Construction

When calculating Chira Stone House Construction costs there are additional considerations apart from merely purchasing construction materials.

Design Fees Door & Window Costs

Costs like Design Fees Door & Window expenses must be considered. These are vital aspects which significantly impact the aesthetic of the house.

Electrical Work and Plumbing

Additional costs such as Electrical work and Plumbing & Sanitation are integral parts of any construction project. Remember these while allocating the budget.

Additional Expenses

Finally costs like Painting Boundary wall & main gate and Other expenses related to construction bring up the total cost of the building. Total construction cost includes every expenditure from the project start to end.

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Emi Calculation For Chira Stone House Construction

Utilizing an EMI calculator can be an invaluable tool when estimating the costs of your Chira stone house construction. This calculator requires fundamental information to provide an accurate estimate.

The necessary calculations include the loan amount interest rate and the number of years the loan will last. This gives an estimate of the total payment and monthly payments you can expect.

For example if you borrow 2100000 Rs at an interest rate of 8.15% over 15 years you’ll pay about 20250.96 Rs monthly amounting to a total payment of 3645172.80 Rs. The total interest paid would equate to 1545172.80 Rs.

Labour costs for Chira work typically amount to around Rs 2000 for every 100 Chira and the construction of a Jambha stone cottage would require approximately 2000 Chira.

Additional costs for construction steps like plaster tiling and roofing are separate and need to be factored in when calculating cost. For instance a simple 700 sq ft house with basic farmhouse design can cost around Rs.

800 per sq ft.

However for budget-friendly options alternatives like container houses bamboo prefab buildings and houses built using laterite bricks are worth considering as they reduce your overall house construction cost.

Thus by using an EMI calculator you can anticipate your monthly payment total payment and the interest amount making it easier to budget for your Chira stone house construction cost.

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