How Much Did It Cost To Make Bad Blood Music Video?


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Have you ever found yourself asking “how much did it cost to make the Bad Blood music video?

This question is not uncommon among fans of Taylor Swift as the popular singer is known for her high budget highly produced music videos.

In this article we are going to take a deep dive into the cost and production details of the Bad Blood music video.

With its star-studded cast and elaborate set pieces it surely wasn’t cheap.

But just how expensive is “not cheap”?Get ready for some eye-opening figures.

How Much Did It Cost To Make Bad Blood Music Video

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Production Cost

The production cost of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video released in 2015 was never officially disclosed. Evidence suggests it was an expensive endeavour given the star-studded cast elaborate sets and special effects.

The director Joseph Kahn is well known for creating lavish videos such as Britney Spears’ “Toxic” with a reported budget of $1 million.

Budget Breakdown

An exact budget breakdown of the “Bad Blood” music video is not available. However considering the involvement of high-profile actors complex choreographed dance scenes and futuristic visuals it’s reasonable to assume a significant percentage of the budget was allocated to cast set design costumes and post-production.

The video’s commercial success and Grammy Award win surely compensated for the high production cost.

Expenditure Details

The production cost of the “Bad Blood” music video by Taylor Swift is shrouded in a bit of mystery as specific numbers were not publicly disclosed prior to 2021. However it’s clear that the expense was significant given the video’s high-quality visual effects complex choreography and a cast filled with celebrities.

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For example the music video for “Toxic” by Britney Spears also directed by Joseph Kahn had a reported budget of $1 million. Given the scale and elaborate visual storytelling in “Bad Blood” it’s reasonable to assume a cost of production well above that.

The video is a testament to popular culture exciting action sequences and an ensemble cast including the likes of Kendrick Lamar Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss.

Cost Analysis

The “Bad Blood” music video stands as an ambitious project that blends cinematic storytelling with pop culture references and catchy melodies. Other major releases directed by Kahn such as “Tha Doggfather” by Snoop Doggy Dogg and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by Backstreet Boys are known for their unique styles and significant production budgets.

Given the reputation and history of Joseph Kahn his work with numerous star-studded casts and top-tier musicians and the general trend towards multi-million dollar music videos in the industry it is possible that “Bad Blood” could have a production cost around $1 million or potentially higher. However without specific financial details this remains speculative.

Financial Investment

The production cost of Taylor Swift’s iconic “Bad Blood” music video remains undisclosed before 2021. However considering the fashion models like Karlie Kloss actresses such as Selena Gomez and rapper Kendrick Lamar who feature in it along with the high-quality visual effects one might predict it didn’t come cheap.

Yet the impact of such financial investment is hard to ignore. Since its release from Swift’s “1989” album the song has not only topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart but has also been certified 6× platinum in the United States.

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The infectious combination of Swift’s lyrics about betrayal and Lamar’s strong verses paired with a visually stunning video took the music world by storm.

Moreover the video’s director Joseph Kahn has an impressive list of credits. With a reputation for high-budget era-defining videos that dominated the late 90s and early aughts Kahn’s expertise likely also added to the video’s cost.

Also the video’s Grammy Award for Best Music Video and its two MTV Video Music Awards might have justified the budget.

For comparison Kahn’s work on Britney Spears’ “Toxic” video cost $1 million. Given “Bad Blood’s” star power and elaborate visual effects the investment was likely much larger but the exact amount remains a mystery.

Last but not least the video had an amazing debut. Breaking Vevo’s 24-hour viewing record with 20.1 million views proves that all the commercial success was genuinely worth the financial investment.

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