How Much Does It Cost To Build Lds Temple?


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Explored in this article is the intriguing question ‘How much does it cost to build an LDS temple?

This cost is not just about finances but the devotion hard work and belief put together to create a structure that embodies faith.

Isn’t it fascinating how much can be invested both physically and emotionally into these awe-inspiring sanctuaries?

But is the expenditure on these impressive edifices justified?

How Much Does It Cost To Build Lds Temple

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Cost Range Of Lds Temple Construction

The cost to build an LDS temple can vary significantly due to factors such as location size and the quality of materials used. Current prices range from $7 million to $70 million with smaller temples such as the Helena Montana temple estimated at about $20 million whereas larger ones like the Red Cliffs UT temple projected to cost up to $189 million.

The average construction cost can be considered to be around $100 million factoring in the use of high-quality materials and grander architectural challenges to make these sacred spaces long-lasting.

Each LDS temple no matter how small or large is constructed with a balanced consideration of cost and spiritual purpose aimed at bringing worshippers closer to God. Although these prices might seem high it’s important to understand that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints primarily sources these funds from tithes and offerings ensuring that they never incur debt for temple construction.

Historical Data On Temple Construction Costs

Official financial transparency in relation to LDS temple construction costs stopped in 1981 making obtaining authoritative information on exact numbers a concern. Nonetheless earlier data shows that the cost of building a full-sized temple such as the San Diego temple built 22 years ago was $24 million.

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In 1997 amid growing memberships and financial considerations the Church began building less expensive smaller-size temples. This initiative shifted in 2002 back to constructing larger more opulent temples as witnessed with the Red Cliffs UT and Pocatello temples with estimated construction costs of $189 million and $140 million respectively.

Recent revelations related to the $110 billion Ensign Peak Advisors fund indicate that an even greater focus on grand and elegant temple construction may lie ahead for the LDS Church.

Budget Considerations For Building Lds Temples

The cost of building a temple within the LDS Church can range from $7 million to $70 million with variations arising due to factors like size location and quality of materials used. As temples are seen as sacred spaces the Church ensures that only high-quality materials are utilized for their construction a factor that adds significantly to the cost.

LDS temples aren’t built to just last for a couple of decades; the aim is to create a legacy for generations to come. Hence long-term maintenance costs and the endurance of the construction materials are significant considerations in the budget planning.

The cost is usually funded through tithing funds and the Church ensures it never goes into debt for temple construction.

  • The Orem Utah temple is estimated to cost $137 million.
  • The Saratoga Springs temple is projected around $170 million.
  • The Red Cliffs UT temple could cost up to $189 million.

Another budget consideration is the expenses related to the size of the temple. For instance smaller edifices like Helena Montana temple costs around $20 million.

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Factors Impacting The Cost Of Lds Temple Construction

Construction cost for an LDS temple is heavily impacted by the location of the proposed site. Temples in cities with higher real estate prices or in remote areas with limited access to construction materials and labor can significantly increase the cost.

Another factor influencing the cost is the size of the temple. Larger temples such as the San Diego temple and the Mt.

Timpanogos temple cost about $24 million and $211 million respectively due to their extensive size. Conversely temples that are less than 10000 square feet in size are considerably less expensive.

The quality and type of materials used also affect the temple’s total cost. The use of high-end materials like marble acoustic tile ceilings stained glass berber carpet and imported rain forest woods contribute to an opulent finish but increase the overall expense.

Labor expenses are also a crucial part of the cost especially as the Church utilizes volunteers for temple construction to save on labor costs. However the complexity of construction the quality of finishings and any unforeseen factors can drive up these expenses.

Supporting infrastructure costs such as landscaping and parking lots also contribute to the overall expenditure.

Temple Name Estimated Construction Cost
Orem Utah temple $137 million
Saratoga Springs temple $170 million
Red Cliffs UT temple $189 million
Helena Montana temple $20 million

Estimated Costs Of Recent LDS Temple Projects

The average cost to build an LDS temple can significantly vary depending on numerous factors. The location size and materials can all impact the overall cost.

For instance the full-sized San Diego temple constructed over two decades ago was estimated to cost $24 million. Given its size and the high-quality materials used it is not surprising that the cost was substantial.

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Smaller LDS temples particularly those built in areas with fewer members might have a smaller price tag. Nonetheless they can still be more expensive than regular meetinghouses.

Recent LDS temple projects give us a clearer insight into what we might expect. The Pocatello temple has a reported construction cost of $140 million while the Rexburg temple’s construction cost is estimated at $113 million.

Furthermore the Orem Utah temple is anticipated to cost $137 million and the Saratoga Springs temple is projected to cost around $170 million. In the case of the Red Cliffs UT temple it is estimated to be slightly higher at $189 million.

For more modest-sized temples like the Helena Montana temple they might cost approximately $20 million each. The Mt.

Timpanogos temple is much larger and would cost around $211 million to build if built today.

These costs represent the construction expenses alone and do not account for other associated costs such as landscaping and parking. They also do not account for the cost of art alone such as stained glass chandeliers or berber carpet that adorn these sacred spaces.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that these prices are estimates and the LDS Church no longer publishes the actual costs of individual temples. Therefore these figures should be taken as rough approximations.

Regardless of the estimates building an LDS temple is indeed a significant investment but one deemed as a path to bringing members closer to God.

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