How To Find A Renters Name?


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When dealing with a renter who has gone missing or disappeared understanding how to find a renter’s name can be a significant first step in tracing them back.

In the year 2021 there are a multitude of online resources such as Radaris which can aid in this task.

Looking at known contact information data from their rental application or conducting a background check could provide the desired clues.

However this process is not always as straightforward as it seems and sometimes it could lead to unexpected discoveries.

How To Find A Renters Name

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How To Find Ex-Tenants’ Names

Finding an ex-tenants’ name could be necessary for various reasons like recouping lost incomes or tracing debtors. In an era where renters’ information is more private than ever doing so isn’t always easy.

Here are some methods that could be helpful in 2021:

  • Utilize Background Check Services: Companies like Radaris specialize in providing up-to-date information which could include an ex-tenant’s name.
  • Check Rental Applications: Examine the rental applications you received from the tenants. They usually contain information such as names social security numbers and emergency contact information.
  • Old Mail: If you still have access to the rental property you might find leftover mail addressed to the tenant.

Search Secretary Of State

If you’re having trouble finding a renter’s name consider searching your Secretary of State’s online records. Many business owners including landlords file information about their properties with their Secretary of State.

These records can contain the property owner’s name.

Visiting the website and entering either the known business name or the address of the property can usually return results. Some sites might require additional identifying information such as a driver’s license number from the owner.

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The search results can show names addresses and sometimes even phone numbers. In conclusion you might be able to find your renter’s name with some savvy online searching.

Check County Tax Collector

Tracing a renter’s name can be tedious. However one way to achieve the goal is by checking the County Tax Collector records.

If the property is associated with a business name it’s possible to uncover the owner’s name via this platform. This method proves successful in most cases provided you adhere to local laws and respect privacy regulations.

It’s worth noting that recognizing 2021 as the digital age accessing county records has been simplified. As a result getting clues or pieces of information becomes instant without a need to visit the actual office.

In such records you may find the renting history which directly or indirectly helps to find the renter’s name.


If checking County Tax Collector records does not give you the desired information can be an alternate option. Whitepages is a directory that specializes in retrieving personal information such as phone numbers addresses or even date of birth.

By simply entering the known details into the search bar results associated with the queried input are provided. One can use the tenant’s last known address current employers social security number or driver’s license information.

The digital interaction with such databases provides an easy and fast means of finding a renter’s name. Again remember the need for legitimacy and respect for privacy protocols.

  • Visit the website.
  • Key in the known address phone number employer’s name or social security number.
  • Conduct the search
  • Write down relevant information to follow up with the tenant.
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Cyberspace provides extensive coverage when trying to find a renter’s name. Tracking renters formerly absconding due to unpaid rents or property abandonment has never been easier.

However engaging the services of professionals specializing in tracing debtors could also prove beneficial as they have the know-how and access to deeper levels of information unravelling.

Send Letter To Business Address

Locating a renter can be a daunting task especially if they abscond. Various means can give insightful clues.

One efficient way to find a renter’s name is to send a letter to the specified business address mentioned by them in their rental application.

Sending a letter doubles as a formal means to communicate while also requesting address service. Merely inscribe ‘Address Service Requested’ on the envelope before mailing it.

Steps to Follow

Write a politely worded letter requesting the needed information. Address it to the former tenant or to the business directly and request reply mail with their information.

Don’t forget to enclose a stamped and self-addressed envelope to make their reply convenient.

Install Surveillance Camera

Uncomfortable as it might be installing a surveillance camera could provide much-needed information about the renters. If your property is being trashed or misused capturing the culprits is beneficial.

Make sure to understand your local laws before installation.

Choosing the Right Camera

Pick a quality camera that offers clear footage has night Vision and is Wifi enabled. In 2021 there are many well-rated options to consider.

Ensure the camera is well-positioned to record the comings and goings of your tenants.

Comply with Legalities

Note that installing surveillance cameras is subject to local laws. Ensure you have familiarized yourself with these before taking this step to avoid attracting penalties and fines.

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Table : Key Points To Remember

Methods Considerations
Sending a letter Ensure the letter is polite clear and requests the needed info in a respectful manner.
Installing a camera The camera should be capable of clear video capture comply with local laws and be positioned intelligently.

Look In Mailbox

One surprisingly simple method to find a renter’s name in 2021 might be looking in the mailbox. Of course this method must be used with caution to respect privacy and abide by local laws.

Firstly get to know your neighbors. Establishing human interaction can help you gather clues about the renters’ names.

Next observe their mail. Often names appear on envelopes which could be visible when the mailbox is opened.

Mail viewing may be a way of identifying tenant names. However this is not a fool-proof plan.

Landlords should use this information responsibly ensuring they respect tenant privacy and act within legal boundaries.

This method could lead to key findings but landlords must supplement it with other means. For instance landlords could leverage people search engines like Radaris; they offer up-to-date information about residents simplifying the search process.

Remember it’s important to maintain ethical practices while trying to uncover tenant names. It’s crucial to respect residential spaces and values of your neighbors.

Keeping these aspects in mind will ensure landlords are working within their rights.

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