Red States With Good Weather


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Are you considering a move and curious about red states with good weather?


Weather plays a significant role in our daily lives affecting our mood health and lifestyle choices.

Political affiliations aside wouldn’t it be great to live in a place where the sun shines bright and biting winds are few?

But how political climate influences the weather in terms of policies and environmental practices?

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Red States

Red states refer to places in America that lean politically conservative. According to detailed weather data these states enjoy some of the best weather in the United States.

For instance states like Texas Arizona and Florida that typically see a predominantly Republican voting base also have wonderful climates. Houston and Miami in these red states for instance experience fairly consistent warm temperatures year-round.

Ideal Climate

An ideal climate for many involves consistent temperatures clear skies mild year-round weather and little rainfall. For example California offers pleasant temperatures year-round and receives less than 15 inches of rain per year.

Another place is Hawaii with consistent 80s F temperatures nearly all year and less than 20 inches of rain. It’s worth noting that in terms of weather an ideal climate may vary depending on personal preferences.

Various factors including the number of sunny days rainfall average temperatures and extreme events such as heatwaves and cold spells contribute to what can be considered an ideal climate.

Top 5 Red States With Ideal Climate:
  • California: Average High Temp: 70°F | Average Low Temp: 53°F
  • Florida: Average High Temp: 82°F | Average Low Temp: 64°F
  • Arizona: Average High Temp: 85°F | Average Low Temp: 60°F
  • Texas: Average High Temp: 90°F | Average Low Temp: 70°F
  • Hawaii: Average High Temp: 84°F | Average Low Temp: 71°F
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Top Weather Locations

If you’re considering relocation to a red state with good weather this section provides insights worth considering. Top claimed locations with comfortable temperatures throughout the year are gathered coastal cities southern and central California and peninsula of Florida.

Red States With Good Weather

California leads as the state with the most consistent weather averaging pleasant temperatures. It’s known for its little rainfall typically less than 15 inches per year and mostly clear skies with up to 73 percent sunshine.

Another location worth considering is Hawaii boasting consistent warm temperatures in the 80s F throughout the year. Though it experiences less than 20 inches of rain the state enjoys more than 270 days of sunshine.

Best Year-Round Weather

When it comes to year-round good weather some states surpass the others. States like Florida boast warm winter temperatures that range from 65 to 77 degrees accompanied by enough sunshine that covers two-thirds of daylight hours.

Texas on the other hand takes credit for warm winters and hot summers. With rainfall ranging from 21 to 47 inches its temperatures swing between the mid 60s in winter and mid 90s in summer alongside around 60 percent sunshine.

  • Arizona highlights hot summers but ideal temperatures that range from October to April. Its yearly average for rain is only 11 inches and it experiences 85 percent sunshine.
  • Georgia parallels Florida in terms of temperatures also providing over 60 percent sunshine alongside 45 to 50 inches of annual rainfall.
  • Tennessee records excellent temperatures in spring and fall with high temperatures in winter at 50s and low 90s in summer accompanied by 55 inches of rainfall and 64 percent sunshine.
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North Carolina enjoys idyllic temperatures from April to October and slightly warmer summers. This state also comes with about 60 percent sunshine and annual rainfall just above 40 inches.

Perfect Temperatures

When it comes to red states with perfect temperatures the states of Arizona Texas and Florida are leading examples. Arizona despite experiencing hot summers enjoys ideal temperatures from October to April with as little as 11 inches of rain annually and a whopping 85% of days filled with sunshine.

Furthermore Texas provides residents with comfortable winters and hot summers with temperature ranges from the mid-60s to mid-90s. Texas’ weather bonuses include around 60% of sunshine-filled days and yearly rainfall measuring between 21 and 47 inches.

Florida is another rewarding option with its winter temperatures moderately positioned between 65 and 77 degrees. This state also treats its locals with two-thirds of sun-covered daylight hours and welcomes rainfall between 45 and 55 inches annually.

It’s also worthy to mention two other states Louisiana and Georgia which boast above 60-degree wintertime temperatures and summers peaking in the mid-90s. These states also incorporate endorsing attributes of 72% and over 60% of sunshine respectively and receive roughly 60 and 45 to 50 inches of rain each year.

Moving on to the Carolina states South Carolina allures with its spring and fall months warming up to perfect 60-degree temperatures and summers peaking in the low 90s. Overall this state is favored with about 60% sunshine and 50 inches of yearly rain.

North Carolina on the other hand hosts idyllic temperatures from April through October with winters hovering around 50 degrees and slightly warmer summers.

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Lastly Tennessee also offers excellent temperatures during spring and fall seasons along with highs in the 50s during winter and low 90s in summers.

Remember your tolerance for temperature is subjective. Therefore these red states with their perfect blends of temperatures cater to multiple climate preferences perfect for the detailed weather data seekers who wish to enjoy mild year-round weather.

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