How Much Does An Olympic Size Pool Cost?


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Ever found yourself wondering ‘How much does an Olympic size pool cost?’

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Having a personal Olympic pool is a dream come true for many people especially swimming enthusiasts and competitive swimmers.

However it’s not just about jumping in and enjoying the cool waters.Large-scale projects like this come with a significant financial implication.

The cost of an Olympic size pool varies greatly due to diverse factors such as location materials used and labor.

Shockingly did you know that maintaining this vast body of water can interest additional costs that surpass the initial construction cost?

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Olympic Size Pool Cost

An Olympic size pool isn’t your typical backyard swimming area. To build a basic inground concrete Olympic-sized pool you can expect to spend roughly $100000.

How Much Does An Olympic Size Pool Cost

While complex to build these world-class sports facilities have specific requirements to meet international standards.

Features like deep gutters underwater lights sliding bulkheads and above-ground lighting can drive up your budget. And for a swimming enthusiast who dreams of hosting real meets a separate pool equipped with a diving well and varying high boards becomes necessary.

If you’re aiming to allure top swimmers and coaches akin to Michael Phelps you should be prepared for a hefty investment. A state-of-the-art facility that can host global sports events complete with a powerful filtration and heating system to maintain the water temperature will nearly cost around $25-30 million.

Pool Specifications and Pricing

The dimensions of an Olympic pool are rigid. It must have 10 lanes precise measurements of 50 meters long 25 meters wide and a depth of 2-3 meters.

For water temperature it should range between 25-28 °C.

A semi-olympic swimming pool usually half the size of an Olympic pool measures 25 meters long and 12.5 meters wide. But despite the size difference they both require an evenly controlled water temperature.

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Apart from size and type additional elements like a safety fence lighting and a pool cover which are mandatory for pool projects can inflate the cost. Furthermore construction permits whose cost range from $550 to $7500 can be an additional budgetary consideration.

Such permits are informed decisions to ensure alignment with local laws and safety standards.

The cost of pool design services is a separate factor to consider. It ranges from $600 to $2500 and makes up about 22-35% of the total construction project.

Moreover the construction process takes approximately three to four months and unexpected delays from weather or soil conditions could further stretch the timeframe and add indirect costs.

Building An Olympic-Sized Pool

Building an Olympic-sized pool is a significant investment. It requires careful planning accurate calculations a network of specialty subcontractors and considerable finances.

A ‘stripped-down’ pool that meets international standards of size depth and water temperature can start around $100000.

The requirement for an Olympic-sized pool is specific – the pool must be 50 meters long with a minimum depth of three feet for starting blocks. It should have 8 lanes and meet all standard requirements.

To lessen the bouncing off of waves for fast swimming a depth of at least 8 feet is recommended. Such innovations along with the necessary filtration and heating systems can easily increase the cost.

Additional features

Building a luxury state-of-the-art facility that attracts top swimmers and coaches requires the incorporation of additional features. These can majorly increase prices.

Options include:

  • Sliding bulkheads
  • Underwater lights
  • Deep gutters
  • Above ground lighting
  • Stadium seating
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Such facilities may push the cost upwards to $25 million or more.

Semi-olympic pools

If a full-sized Olympic pool is beyond your reach you can consider a semi-olympic pool. Being half the length (25 meters) and width (12.5 meters) these pools can often bring in a significant reduction in cost.

However they still require an efficient heating system and cater to the same water temperature requirements as their larger counterparts.

Factors Affecting Pool Costs

Many variables impact the cost of building a pool. The dimensions of the pool whether it’s a semi-olympic or olympic-sized pool significantly affect the overall budget.

The type of pool the construction materials used and the inclusion of extraneous features can all impact the cost.

For example an in-ground pool with additional elements such as a shed for the filtration system and a concrete build can increase the price. On the other hand opting for a finish of vinyl liner instead of a gunite concrete can reduce the cost.

Mandatory costs

In addition to basic construction expenses there are mandatory costs associated with building a pool. A construction permit required by law can set you back anywhere between $550 to $7500 depending on your location.

Then there’s the essential fencing lighting and pool cover all of which can add to the total investment.

Timeframe and delays

The process of constructing a pool from start to finish might take three to four months. Delays due to uncontrollable factors such as weather or soil conditions can prolong this timeframe and in turn may drive the costs higher.

Finally remember the services of a design firm employed during the planning and design phase could account for 22-35% of the total construction cost.

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Construction And Maintenance Expenses

The construction and maintenance budget for an Olympic swimming pool involves significant investment. Costs hover around $100000 for a stripped-down pool reaching up to an expensive $25 million for a state-of-the-art facility capable of luring exceptional swimmers and trainers such as Michael Phelps.

  • Monthly maintenance: Landscaping work pool cleaning and necessary inspections.
  • Yearly maintenance: Equipment replacement surface touch-ups and pool deck space restoration if necessary.
  • Unexpected expenses: Potential pool repairs and equipment malfunctions.

Pool Design And Installation Prices

Pool design services typically account for 22-35% of the total construction cost with prices ranging from $600 to $2500. 3D design and 3D modeling services like CAD design and Pool Studio software can provide a realistic rendering of the final result.

The estimated time of completion for Swimming pool construction projects can reach around 3 to 4 months. Be prepared for possible delays due to inclement weather or unforeseen soil conditions.

Additional Design Elements

Adding elements such as underwater lights deck space and seating for spectators can significantly increase the overall price. A regulation diving well or a powerful filtration and heating system are examples of features that can substantially hike up the costs.

Permits and Approvals

Construction permits required by law can cost anywhere from $550 to $7500. The price varies depending on the location and the specific requirements of the authorities.

Size of in-ground pools Range of Costs
Common Sizes $35000 – $50000
Custom Sizes $26000 – $500000
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